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Running for Teaneck BOE

I have decided to run (again) for the Teaneck Board of Education. I served nearly two terms as a trustee and have the experience and skills to foster educational excellence and fiscal responsibility and increase transparency.

Unlike the past, I am running on a slate with Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum, a highly regarded educator with nearly 50 years of experience, and James Wolff, a public school graduate with two children in the Teaneck school system. Together, as a team, we bring competencies far beyond those of our challengers.

Teaneck underperforms its peers in standardized testing. The percentage of students achieving proficiency in math (22%) and reading/literacy (44%) is below the state average. The average SAT score of 1,140 ranks 30th of 42 schools in Bergen County.

Fiscal responsibility does not exist. Teaneck spends $33,399 per child from kindergarten through grade 12. This is based on a $124 million budget and 3,715 students. Last year, the budget increased $10 million, 8.9% with no return on the investment. Teaneck has nearly the highest (if not the highest) rate of spending for classroom instruction, support services and plant operations/maintenance.

Transparency is lacking, with many decisions made behind closed doors (or lost in the details of a presentation). An example was the disastrous hiring of Dr. Irving as superintendent despite a lack of classroom or administrative experience. A payment was made at termination.

In closing, it’s very important not only to vote, but to get your friends, neighbors and other interested parties to do so as well. The children of Teaneck deserve better, as do other stakeholders.

David Gruber

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